So modern. So hip

Almost ever day I buy a load of stuff I know I don't need or don't have to buy. This is usually something like a bottle of pepsi, or a snickers or something, occasionally it is a DVD that probably wasn't worth the money. It hasn't been anything huge like a car or small country yet, but I'm getting there. And sometimes I buy things which I think damn I'm pretty happy I got this, how were things before I got the item in question? and such examples of these is when I got Infernal Affairs or Battle Royale on DVD, or my art tablet (what the hell was I doing before I got that?) or when I figured wireless mice were the way of the future. After saying I will since I got my laptop, I finally got an external monitor, and I've only had it a short while and I only just figured out how to get separate wallpapers for each. However, now I realise how useful it actually is. I decided that large pictures were the way of the future, so I chucked up a massive canvas on photoshop, large brush and drew, with very good results. My drawings have never looked so smooth on computer. Hooray for technology,eh It will also do something that I've been trying to get done for ages; rewrite Last of the Heroes (the subject of the previous post) without painfully skip from window to window looking at bits of text, or going throug pages of printout to eventually lose them. Now one simple glance at the screen next to me shall save me time galore. .... Sent for a few information packs on publishing and agencies recently and am expecting them in the mail relatively soon. Checking out Neil Gaiman's American Gods Blog as it gives me a lot of detail on what happens from book being written to book being put on sale. Considerably more edits than I thought there would be, ages spent in airports and catching planes and such. It's a full-time job I suppose And now to leave the computer as I feel like my eyeballs have melted

Titular is a funny word

I have decided to begin filmmaking with a nice four-minute (the length of the piece A Quai, by Yann Tiersen of which the story was inspired by) film based upon single-internet-award-winning story A Quoi, which is this blog's titular story, in case no one got that, although I very much doubt it. To the left is a pretty picture of a carousel, which I could easily use as a poster. I have the screen writing software, all I need is the time, equipment, cast and crew! This will probably not get itself done for a lo-ong time. I have a soundtrack, so that's one thing. If anyone gives a hoot, a larger (and I mean much larger version) of said piccywic can be found HERE. In other news: Harper Collins has half shut down and laid off a load of employees, which isn't very pleasant, an article on which can be found HERE. What would be cool would be some small indie-publishing press, like you get small indie record labels, a friend suggested me.