A Prayer


The burdens of the world fall on
 This girl without esteem
 She lays in bed and in her head 
She finds herself a dream 

 This is the girl the troubles find 
She takes them as her own 
She’s always there she’ll always wear 
The soul she has on loan 

 This life is hers, she can’t deny 
The things that she must do 
But in her sleep where nightmares creep
 Some freedom she’ll pursue 

 But whenever she tries to flee 
The memories will shape 
And she will know she cannot go 
And she cannot escape 

 You’ll see her once but straightaway 
Too soon will you forget 
You saw her face; she leaves no trace 
As if you never met 

 And when she wakes it’s back to work 
This job of subtlety 
Not quite dead, she’ll look ahead
 Towards eternity