Women in Black and the Little Golden Men


The Oscars are about to start and I'm still debating whether or not to actually watch the whole thing. I've spent too much time lately sitting in front of the computer trying to rig the same things over and over again to very little avail and I reckon it's time for a break. Sooner or later I'm gonna want to throw my computer out the window and animate using shadow puppets or something.

Still, there's been some decent progress since I last updated.

Here is a render I did while working on the first few seconds of animation - the dark bit where the witches summon the blob creature out of the cauldron. I isolated the characters in the scene and began animating them individually, which is much easier than trying to do it all in within the scene.

I've been getting a lot of inspiration from that opening scene in the Sorcerer's Apprentice with Yen Sid over his cauldron.

Lots of red carpet stuff happening at the moment. Damn it'd be good to be on that one day.

I have no real inclination this year for which film to win. All of the nominated ones I've seen I've absolutely loved. I'd like to see L'Illusioniste win Best Animated Picture but I doubt that's gonna happen. it's all gonna be about Toy Story 3.

Inception's on the running for best picture. It's not gonna win. I read a great article actually on why sci-fi films never do win that.

Anyway, I'm gonna work on this other project they're making us do. A fully animation-based one where we have to make a scene based off one of four sounds they give us. It looks like fun and it's a welcome distraction from the main project but we don't have a lot of time for it. I'll post up about it more in detail later.

For now, I'm gonna sit back, and watch people win awards in filmmaking.

Hey, that's future me in the background

This blog entry contains ....... lyrics

I'm going to open with LYRICS, people
In the queue for lunch they take the piss, you've got no appetite And the rumour is you never go with boys and you are tight So they jab you with a fork, you drop the tray and go berserk While your cleaning up the mess the teacher's looking up your skirt ... Tell Veronica the secrets of the boy you never kissed She's got everything to gain because she's a fat girl with a lisp She sticks up for you when you get aggravation from the snobs Because you can't afford a blazer, girl, you're always wearing clogs
It's Expectations by Belle & Sebastian. It's only two of the verses. 6 of them, I think there are. They've been stuck in my head all day. The whole song has, in fact, and I thought I'd share them so everyone else would get that in their heads. I've listened to barrage and barrage of songs to get them out of my head. Nothing works. Right now, I have Meat Loaf blaring in my ears. Up next, Mr Children. All this is making me somewhat drowsy and unproductive. Perhaps today will be one of those days when ... *shudder* I do nothing? This blog entry's taken me like four hours to do so far. I wrote about a sentence before doing something else, then going back to this, then went to Tesco for the sole reason that it was outside, then wrote a bit more, and now I've just come back from my dinner and am typing more than I have done today. It's also going nowhere. I'm certain i had a good reason for clicking on the "add post" button, but I can't for the life of me think of why. Oh well. It's Saint Patrick's Day today, and people seem to embrace it as an excuse to get drunk. Since when have people needed that? I am not going out, which is probably a good thing cos I can barely stand this medium volume Mr Children tonight. I wish it wasn't 9. If I go to bed now I'll wake up at 3 in the morning. In more positive news, I have figured out my steps to being a writer. It involves doing it for free first. See THIS or THIS (the first one is still unfinished, about a year since I started writing it). They're sketches I wrote for Gang Show (for those not street enough, it's an amatuer non-profit stage production of debatebly funny sketche and song-and-dance numbers done by the scouting association). Having been in two myself, I thought I'd try my hand at writing sketches which is surprisingly tough, especially the first premise bit. My plan (although plans never work. Ever.) is to give these sketches to the GS, thus making me "semi-published"(a performed playwright, though, technically, as people will be paying to see it) and thus have a sort of "background" in writing, which will look good when I start doing that stuff I'm not going to do for years. I think a night-walk is required here. It shall clear my head. I shall clean my room first a bit, so that it's all nice when I come back. If this doesn't work, I'll head to bed with my copy of The Jungle Book, which is a really damn good book I have to admit. I reccomend people go read it now if they're only familiar with the Disney version (although prepare to read something completely different).

So modern. So hip

Almost ever day I buy a load of stuff I know I don't need or don't have to buy. This is usually something like a bottle of pepsi, or a snickers or something, occasionally it is a DVD that probably wasn't worth the money. It hasn't been anything huge like a car or small country yet, but I'm getting there. And sometimes I buy things which I think damn I'm pretty happy I got this, how were things before I got the item in question? and such examples of these is when I got Infernal Affairs or Battle Royale on DVD, or my art tablet (what the hell was I doing before I got that?) or when I figured wireless mice were the way of the future. After saying I will since I got my laptop, I finally got an external monitor, and I've only had it a short while and I only just figured out how to get separate wallpapers for each. However, now I realise how useful it actually is. I decided that large pictures were the way of the future, so I chucked up a massive canvas on photoshop, large brush and drew, with very good results. My drawings have never looked so smooth on computer. Hooray for technology,eh It will also do something that I've been trying to get done for ages; rewrite Last of the Heroes (the subject of the previous post) without painfully skip from window to window looking at bits of text, or going throug pages of printout to eventually lose them. Now one simple glance at the screen next to me shall save me time galore. .... Sent for a few information packs on publishing and agencies recently and am expecting them in the mail relatively soon. Checking out Neil Gaiman's American Gods Blog as it gives me a lot of detail on what happens from book being written to book being put on sale. Considerably more edits than I thought there would be, ages spent in airports and catching planes and such. It's a full-time job I suppose And now to leave the computer as I feel like my eyeballs have melted