Atoms and Eves


It's Christmas Eve: here's today's Christmas Countdown thing (there are two today, even):

First, this terrifying Santa-thing from The City of Lost Children

Yeah. It makes sense in context. Sort of.

And, this jolly yuletide piece from Weird Al

The vows were sent in by SMS

I found this online, posted up at the end of last year. The tweet itself read  'Standing at the altar with @TracyPage where just a second ago, she became my wife! Gotta go, time to kiss my bride.'

Charming little story

I found this at the back of my sketchbook. It's entitled The History of Madame Rasti, and goes as follows:
Once upon a time there was a little girl called Madame Rasti, who lived in a little cottage down Meadow Lane. Every night she would visit her grandmother and wish her a happy night and all the best dreams, &c But then, one day, the grandmother died, and little Rasti never found love, because her grandmother laid a curse on her THE END


.. Roses are red Violets are blue You'll forever be sorry If I ever find you I want you so much Your body I crave But I wont be happy Till you lie in a grave ..

Fool Face

People, you should so meet my cool friend Rebecca "Fool Face" Reilly. She's totally awesome and all that. *Insert 14-year-old shitty diary entry here* Thank you, dear journal