It's off a Japanese site I go on

In two weeks, I'm heading back to Sheffield, which is a considerably more interesting place than Cornwall. Some people don't think so. Some people actually choose to live here. I guess it wouldn't be so bad if I had had a job or something this summer, so I'd have something to do. The people I used to consider friends (colleagues, actually. People I used to see on a daily basis) aren't here and this leaves me with roughly two people in Cornwall who I could actually consider friends. One's an art hermit sans computer who only turns his phone on once a week. This makes communication fun. The other's fucked off somewhere else for a bit. This has left me bored as anything. One of these days I'll do an entire entry in Japanese. But I have to get good at it first, and that's not going to happen at the rate I'm learning it. For now here's some random text:


実はネ、拙者を含めて多くの外国人がホザいて来た「ニッポンの人種差別」というのは、事実無根の愚痴に過ぎな い。「『外人』は差別用語」だの「人に見られている」だの弱音を吐くより、先ずは全面的に自分達の日本語能力をレベルアップした方が遥かに得策。他人の国 に住んでるのにその言葉をちゃんと学ぼうともしない我々外人=差別用語を語る資格の無い、迷惑的な存在だけだ。せやから、理不尽な主張を抜かす前に責任を 取りましょう。何よりもここは日本で、国の主は日本国民(俺らも税金払ってんだけどね(笑))。そんなに辛い想いをしてるなら、他に200カ国ぐらいの国 家がそこら辺に轉がってるし・・・